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Educational Programmes

Pre-Graduation Training Programs

In addition to the Public Health Course given in the 4th grade in the Faculty of Medicine, Rural Medicine Internship was started in 1988 with a delay compared to some other faculties. Then, Public Health Course was taken to 3rd grade. Over the years, changes have occurred in the education of the Faculty of Medicine. Following the curriculum arrangement in 2003, theoretical and intensive practical training is carried out in the Community Health Area Vertical Corridor starting from the first grade and integrated with the other course boards.

Educational programmes include epidemiology, biostatistics, demography, health criteria, medical sociology, health protection and health promotion, health management, health organization, health policy, health systems, health education, maternal and child health, reproductive health, environmental health, health economics, immunization, epidemiology of infectious diseases, epidemiology of chronic diseases, occupational health and occupational diseases, health services in exceptional circumstances, health services in the community, health problems of the elderly and young people, risk approach, international organizations, migration and health, social factors affecting health, community participation topics. In addition, family planning education certificate program is applied before graduation.

In addition to the education of the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, Vocational Schools of Health, Vocational School of Health Services also provide public health education.

Postgraduate Education Programmes

In addition to pre-graduation education, post-graduation education is also provided in the Department of Public Health. Post-graduate education is carried out in the form of a four-year Public Health Specialist, two-year master's program with thesis and a four-year Public Health Doctorate Program. Graduate programs are as follows:

  • Master's program in Public Health with thesis

  • Master's program in epidemiology with thesis

  • Occupational Health and Safety with thesis

Appeals of the master's and doctorate programs can be followed from the Institute of Health Sciences of Ege University .

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